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Be Confident.
Manage Stress.
CALM CUES™ for Stress & Crisis

You have let self doubt, fear, and negativity keep you from being the best version of yourself. No more.

CALM CUES™ for Stress

You are the Key to Change


Pharmaceutical Industry, FL

“It was incredible to be in a safe and non-judgmental space to confront what I've been running from--seemingly all my life."


Retail Industry, GA

"Natasha and her team spoke to us in a way we understood. I felt connected and understood. It is beautiful to be seen."


Construction, FL

“My regret is that we had not done this [CALM CUES™] sooner .”

Corporate Services

We primarily work with organizations for a 90 day period to discover and assess needs and develop a plan of action for the success of your employees and organization. The solutions include workshops, trainings, consulting and speeches. In addition to teaching CALM CUES™ for Stress and CALM CUES™ Crisis, we offer the following a la carte.


Transformative Keynote Speech

In our profession--we have SEEN some THINGS! Let us uplift your team with one of our speeches on:

CALM Your Way to Success

Change your Mindset to Get Unstuck

Finding Motivation 

The Passion that Drives You

Image by Paul White

Coaching & Consulting

Sometimes there are skills that which need to be developed individually such as in leadership development or employee coaching. Other times there is legal advisement but without knowing if this advisement will keep quality relationships in tact. Let us guide you.

Image by Jason Goodman

Engaging Workshops

We offer workshops to develop employee skills in areas such as effective communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, building confidence and much more. Our workshops require engagement and participation so be ready to learn and move with us!

What is CALM CUES™ for Stress?

All too often, we get bogged down in life by so many elements of life out of our control. Imagine the power that is harnessed when we focus on the elements of life we are in control of. You possess this. Let us show you how much of focusing on others is draining you of your ideal version of life you could be living.


Sometimes we depend on others to tell us we are doing well and when we don't get these acknowledgments it can mean turmoil. Those amazing qualities exist. Let's discover how to use them to your advantage. We will explore barriers to self-acceptance and how to kick down those barriers once and for all!


"If I could just be..." "If I someone would just..." Through this model we are teaching the concept of appreciating yourself from the inside out, as is. We will examine how good and bad life experiences have still helped you to be who you are. What encompasses love and are you seeking it from others without having experienced love for self. Let's explore!


The steps you take to become the best version of yourself all start with your mindset. How are your thoughts and beliefs limiting you? Your family? Your career? We provide tools to restructure your thoughts so you are not getting in your own way of being the best version of you.


One of the most important things we can do for our safety and well-being is to communication effectively. This means setting clear boundaries with others, and being assertive in our communication. It also means being open to hearing what others have to say, even when it might be difficult. We have mastered communication strategies and are ready to share it with you.


Without patience, we are likely to become frustrated and give up too easily. We may also find it difficult to truly listen to what others are saying. Understanding requires us to be open-minded and willing to see things from different points of view. It is an important life skill that can help us build happier and healthier relationships. Not everyone has patience for understanding, but it is a skill we can help you to develop. 


It's easy to go through life on autopilot, not really giving much thought to your career, your friends, or your goals. But if you want to be truly happy, it's essential to take a step back and evaluate all aspects of your life. What are you doing with your career? Are you passionate about your work, or are you just going through the motions? Do you have a supportive network of family and friends, or do you feel isolated and alone? We have perfected and are excited to share our methods for your life evaluation.


You've fulfilled roles as an employee, mother, sister, brother, father, uncle, friend and the list goes on. But what are you doing for self to ensure you are taken care of? We are going to show you how to implement self care on a routine basis.

Listen to Natasha Here

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

First book your discovery call so we may identify your organizational needs. We gather important information regarding perceived problem, event date(s), and size of engagement. Our team will put together a proposal and send it for your review and approval. We will then collaborate with your team to discuss the plan of execution for your vision.

Where do these services occur?

It is really dependent upon what you desire. We can come to you, offer these services via webinar

We do this already. Why do we need you all?

While you may do similar training annually or semi-annually, we can assure you that you don't quite do it like us. We work with organizations to integrate our programs into daily weekly culture not just for annual compliance.

How much does it cost for these transformative services?

Pricing varies depending on the needs of one organization to the next. A single or half day event starts at $15,000 while a 90 day multi-domain corporate engagement starts at $75000.

Can we record and replay workshops and speeches to play for staff who may not be present?

Absolutely...but at a cost. We are glad to provide an arsenal of materials to strengthen your organization and employees by granting your organization a license to reuse these materials. 

The event(s) is done. Is that all?

As the old adage goes, old habits die hard. The organizations we have worked with fare better with a retainer relationship. The retainer allow our team to support your organization as new processes are implemented as change can be difficult for some.

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