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Roe vs Wade Overturned: What does the new Supreme Court Ruling have to do with Mental Health?

The very day that we had all been waiting for has finally arrived. The decision in Roe vs Wade, which would determine whether or not women have the right to termination based on personal situations was officially decided on June 24, 2022. It is official: the government is intervening and allowing each state to determine whether or not it will allow women to carry out abortions.

Thanks to this ruling, a woman who was raped and became pregnant as a result of the rape now has the hardship of finding someone willing or able to provide her with an abortion. What will happen if there's no financial support for this child? Should this woman be forced into caring blindly for a child born out of a possibly traumatic experience because the government has decided to add an additional barrier of terminating the pregnancy, further complicating an already complicated situation?

What about the family of 5 with two hard working parents who are currently struggling to make ends meet? Through no fault of his own, the husband is laid off and now the family is attempting to survive on one income with a new pregnancy recently discovered. How can this family afford to leave the state to find a provider to carry out the abortion if this is what the couplet decided? How can this family afford to take care of a 4th child if they were struggling to take care of the 3 children in the home with two incomes? Is it possible the stress of this situation may divide this family

One more scenario for thought: a young college student becomes pregnant and understands the sacrifice it is to raise a child. This young expectant mother knows the importance of getting her education to be able to afford care of a child and herself and believes this is not the right time. This student has evaluated her finances and knows it is not time to bring a life into this world and is forced to choose between leaving school to take care of her child, putting her child into foster care, or struggling to finish school, work, and be a mother. This young lady now has to consider finding means to leave her home state to seek termination of this pregnancy if that is what she chooses.

Did you feel stress reading each of these scenarios? Women in the above scenarios would likely feel insecure, uncomfortable and even scared.. All of these plausible scenarios have the possibility of taking a toll on the mental health of those involved. Increased worry about money to travel, money to fund the abortion, having to make the decision to abort given the state of the economy and seemingly not having financial means to do what is deemed necessary for their personal situation is the reality many will face.

It is incredible companies such as Amazon, Citigroup, and Apple are all willing to help cover the cost of women within their organizations who are faced with such a decision. However, should a woman have to share with her employer her decision to terminate her pregnancy due to the financial burden it costs her to leave the state to terminate? Should anyone have to share a personal medical and life decision such as this one with their employer? The guilt, shame, and embarrassment a woman would have to endure sharing this personal matter with her employer--all because she may not be able to afford leaving the state to terminate her pregnancy.

The decision for these large corporation to support costs for abortion travels and procedure is certainly an effort of these companies to support their employees' health. This level of support drives the argument corporations have the ability to incorporate mental health solutions such as CALM CUES to help employees mentally, emotionally, and personally. While these organizations are willing to offer reimbursement and a stipend for abortion related costs, the Licensed Clinical Social Worker writing this blog is hopeful there is a review of mental health solutions offered as well. Roe vs Wade being overturned will have significant impacts for years to come.

Readers, please feel free to leave a comment regarding your thoughts about Roe vs Wade being overturned.

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