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How "with it" is your employer when it comes to mental health?

Greetings all! My name is Natasha Lamb, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the states of Florida and Georgia. I am the CEO and Founding Psychotherapist of Perspectives Counseling of North East Florida, LLC. In addition to serving clients with mental health challenges who desire to find an improved version of themself, myself and my team also have the privilege of helping corporations and educational institutions find solutions to different challenges experienced in the workplace. Whether It is programs to address mental health and wellness, effective communication, conflict resolution, de-escalation techniques, I collaborate with corporate and educational clients to move the needle on identified needs within the organization.

Coming off the increased fear and anxiety as it relates to COVID, there has been an increase in violence over the past several years. As difficult as it is to admit, we can be anywhere at any given time and encounter an unsafe situation. The human body and brain are not designed to be in a state of fear on a consistent basis. A constant state of anxiety can lead to constant internal tension, frustration, irritability, and an inability to turn off fight or flight mode. Are we most productive, friendly, loving when we are afraid or worried? As if this is not bad enough for adults, imagine the toll it takes on children to have an increased state of fear about topics they don't fully understand.

What is more disheartening is the fact that more and more individuals and organizations are recognizing the need for mental health interventions. In short, there seemingly aren't enough mental health providers to serve the needs of the community. There are some agencies who are booking 6 months to a year out for individual therapeutic treatment. Significant damage can occur in the time someone is waiting to get help--all because access to care is limited.

How can this problem be resolved?

As the old adage says, there is more power in numbers. By this, the more individuals a mental health therapist can reach in one sitting, the more help that is being provided to those in need in addition to those who need help unbeknownst to them. It is critically important that organizations work to address the needs of their employee not just through EAP programs that may or may not be used, and doing one or two mental health wellness weeks a year but also by making mental health conscientious programs a part of everyday workplace culture. Providing programs for employees to be immersed in improving their lifestyle at work will aid employees in improving their lives personally and professionally. Imagine the gratitude, increased satisfaction and productivity an employee would have because their employer is meeting a need other than providing a paycheck.

Ladies and gentleman--I am on a mission! A mission to touch the lives of as many as I can in the corporate realm. Stay tuned!

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